Anita O’Day Sings the Winners

For this CD, which is greatly expanded from the original LP, Anita O’Day sings standards associated with other musicians, including “Four” (Miles Davis), “Early Autumn” (Stan Getz), “Four Brothers” (Woody Herman), “Sing, Sing, Sing” (Benny GoodmanandGene Krupa) and “Peanut Vendor” (Stan Kenton). Some of the material is unusual for a singer to interpret, but O’Day, one of the top jazz vocalists of the decade, improvises when the lyrics are not that strong (or barely exist). The backup by theRuss Garcia Orchestrais not all that memorable, but the focus is entirely on the vocalist, and O’Day really comes through.

  1. Take the ‘A’ Train
  2. Tenderly
  3. Interlude (A Night in Tunisia)
  4. Four
  5. Early Autumn
  6. Four Brothers
  7. Sing, Sing, Sing
  8. My Funny Valentine
  9. Frenesi
  10. Body and Soul
  11. What’s Your Story, Morning Glory?
  12. Peanut Vendor
  13. Whisper Not
  14. Blue Champagne
  15. Stompin’ at the Savoy
  16. Hershey Bar
  17. Don’t Be That Way
  18. Peel Me a Grape
  19. Star Eyes

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